Catering Services

home_slideshow_sandwich_catering_roozervelts_cafeIn the food catering industry, there has been an expansion in organizations represent considerable authority in food catering services in Melbourne. The most of the developing catering business is those that have practical experience in cuisine finger food. We used fresh ingredients to make the food more delicious. We concentrate to provide quality services to our customers.

We are located in the heart of Melbourne City. Whenever you feel you are starving you can visit our restaurant. We are always there to provide you perfect body balanced healthy and hygienic food and I like to highlighted one thing that our all item are very refreshed. And I like to mention one thing that we also provide food services via online for that visit us or call us (03) 9654 3670.Or please come visit us at roozervelts and speak to one of our helpful catering staff.

The cost of beginning a food catering service is not as high as you think it may be. We put resources into decent serving platters as food is normally served by the server or offered on a platter from a food table.

So if you are in Melbourne and you want Food catering Supplies then definitely you want to visit our Restaurant. Roozervelt’s vision is to provide a premium cafe and catering service for small events through to large corporate functions, educational and retail environments.



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