beef-burgerIn today’s busy world where leisure time has become more and more important the less time spent on working and preparing to eat allows us more available time for our pursuit of our leisure activities. With the large amount of ready meals available at our local stores and eating places has made our option of spending time in the kitchen less appealing.With the ever increasing choice of cuisine the enjoyment of different  hygienic foods have opened new options to the consumer within the food market.  As long as the health and hygiene is concerned Roozervelts premium café one of the famous food catering services in Melbourne is a good alternative for high quality delicious foods.

Some of our delicious menu:

Mini baked homemade muffins –This minimuffin is a breakfast recipe and it serves as a great snack for young children on the go or a light weight snacks for teenagers before workouts. It can also be introduced as a quick bite with drinks at kitty parties or small family gatherings.

Burgers – We make one of the best burgers Melbourne cbd with chicken,lamb,beef, ham bacon and vegetarian schnitzels. These delicious burgers can be served for breakfast as well as birthday parties, small gatherings and etc. Are you missing your favorite food ? Visit our finger foodcatering in Melbourne once you will never be disappointed.

Need for a quiet stylish quality restaurant where food service will always be excellent and the experience wonderful and charming. Visit us

Call us at – 03 9654 3670



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