Tuna-BurgerPeople today have such busy schedules that it’s become quite common for singles, couples, and even whole families to eat out. After working long hours a day it is always nice to eat out at a premium café or a trendy restaurant as it refreshes our mind and also gives us options to choose from different varieties of food. Looking into the demand and necessity Roozervelt a food catering supplies in Melbourne offers a wide varieties of corporate selection platters such as sandwich, party pies and sausage rolls, cheese and fruit, gourmet antipasto platter.

Some of our delicious menu in brief:

Toasted sandwiches: This sandwich is a popular snacks item. We sandwiches catering supplier in Melbourne provide you different varieties of   sandwiches such as cheese and tomato, egg and bacon, ham and cheese etc. Perfect  dish for breakfast, office tiffin box, evening kitty party.

Burgers: Looking for the best burger?? We provide you the tasty burgers with different options such as chicken .beef, lamb, ham bacon and vegetarian schnitzels.

Gourmet antipasto platter: This antipasto platter is simply a colorful offerings of marinated grilled mushrooms, capsicum,  egg plant, sun dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, feta and perciutto.These blending flavors, aromas and colors makes the platter most interesting and delicious. This plate is perfect for dinner, cocktail party, etc. as per your choice.

Our aim is to meet and surpass customer needs covering all day parts, providing a convenient friendly food and beverage experience.

Contact Roozervelt’s café – 03 9654 3670 or Visit


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